Research proposal…

So the deadline is 14th March 2011 – a week tomorrow.  In that time I need to write 5 pages by way of a proposal for my PhD studies application!  This post and the next few subsequent post will be developments of my ideas and the reading / thinking that supports, inspires and structures my research intensions.

Currently, I’m no further than a possible title…

Can poetic and performative approaches to ‘read/write’ media literacy help to re-configure learning and empower cultural and social participation?

Ideas and unpacking to follow…


About William Stopha

I am a performance poet and media artist who goes by the name of William Stopha. Also know as Chris by some. You can read, hear and watch my material at or You can also follow my shorter bullet thoughts at My artwork and research explore grass roots creativity, collaboration, the communication of alternative ideology and the politics of performance.
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One Response to Research proposal…

  1. I like the area focused on by the possible title. Am looking forward to what follows. Only a few days to go!

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