Word of the day…

I have defined the word of the day for Wordia.com In fact I did two so there is another one to follow soon… It’s all part of Poetry week. Still, there’s some great poets up there this month, defining some interesting words in interesting ways – Check out Henry Stead and Dean Atta and Niall O’Sullivan and George Chopping…

and now me too!


About William Stopha

I am a performance poet and media artist who goes by the name of William Stopha. Also know as Chris by some. You can read, hear and watch my material at www.williamstopha.com or www.myspace.com/williamstopha. You can also follow my shorter bullet thoughts at www.twitter.com/williamstopha. My artwork and research explore grass roots creativity, collaboration, the communication of alternative ideology and the politics of performance.
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One Response to Word of the day…

  1. Yeah baby. That’s sweet.

    Anytime you guys feel the need to unplug from the robotic world around you, you can always pop over to Portugal.

    We’re surrounded by hobbits instead.

    It’s great.

    Keep up the blogging. Liking it.


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